Services Provided: TCPI INT Phase I: Supervision during detail design in Fécamp France. Management and supervision at initial construction of E&I buildings in Dundee Scotland. Management and supervision during fitting-out, nine electrical and instrumentation buildings, at Shinhan shipyard at Ulsan, with load-out arrangements to Goejo isle for integration in several modules of the Dalia FPSO.

Phase II: In the course of module integration in the FPSO hull, performed pre-commissioning and commissioning for the electrical, instrumentation, portion of the works including, Hv, Mv and Lv, HVAC, Inergen, F&G and instrumentation systems, at yards of Daewo and Samsung in South Korea.

Phase III: During towing of the DALIA FPSO from Korea to Angola, Block 17 – TOTAL – SONANGOL TCPI carried on with pre-commissioning and punch list clearing; In Cape Town, South Africa, E&I works were finalized.

Phase IV: Mooring at block 17, hook up activities for E&I, offshore Angola.

Project Details

Country:UK / France / South Korea / Angola
Procurement:Procurement of the bulk material and itemised equipment such as power, control and earthing cables, cable trays, junction boxes, lighting, lightning and earthing materials.
Construction:Phase I and II Construction onshore. Management, construction, installation and commissioning up activities requiring 150.000 productive man-hours with 150 people at the peak period, not including management and field supervision. Phase III: Towing of the DALIA FPSO. During that period, TCPI executed works as pre-commissioning and punch list activities; In Cape Town, finalization of E&I works and punch list activities. Total activities requiring 2.016 productive man hours. Phase III: Mooring in block 17, with three flexible lines in each riser. Hook up and commissioning Works, punch list activities. Controlling and set connections of all risers. Total activities requiring 22.680 productive man hours.