Services Provided: TCPI INT provided Electrical and Instrumentation works including modularization, construction, testing and pre-commissioning for the supply and installation of two furnaces NAFTA B701 M & P for TOA, in Antwerp, Belgium.The project concerned the supply of two (2) naphtha cracking furnaces B701 M&P, and was part of a global modernization furnace plan implemented in phase to minimize production losses due to furnace unavailability.

Project Details

Main Contractor:SIM / TOTAL
Procurement:Within this project were supplied the following equipment / materials: Cable Trays, ladder and perforated type, Electrical Cables, Control and Instrumentation Cables, Lighting Fixtures EExe, Sockets EExe. Instruments and junction boxes were provided by the general contractor Heurtey Petrochem.
Construction:The project lasted 12 months divided into the following phases: First phase: Yard where the construction was performed by modules lasting 3 months. Second Phase: Site (Refinery) where were installed and completed the prefabricated modules in the Yard and where were held the interconnections of furnaces with the Unit (OSBL), with a duration of nine months. Total activities required 64.644 productive man hours.