We work in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing and Environment. Providing the best services with determination, persistence, quality and reliability

Areas of Activity

Instrumentation and Industrial Control

We are professionals who deal with the measuring and controlling variables in any industrial process, the instruments related to the process variables and its calibration. A good control system design requires good technicians and selecting the correct instrument. We are empowered for Instrumentation Engineering including; P&ID, Specifications, Procurement, Process and F&G, loop design, wiring diagrams, cable routing arrangements, etc.

Automation, Supervision and Control Systems

Our activity of engineering of Control and Automation can be represented by several levels. Our Technicians are qualified, trained and able to execute interventions at all levels mentioned below: “Level 1: Data Acquisition and Control Manual. Composed of machines, components and devices of the plant, such as sensors, actuators and field devices. Level 2: Individual Control (PLC, DCS, relays). Level where the automatic equipment controls of the activities of the plant, Level 3: The management and optimization of a process which allows the supervision of the industrial process. We work on Systems Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control System (DCS). Level 4: Total production scheduling and manufacturing control. Level 5: Prepare the strategic planning and control of industrial units through specific software management.”

Industrial Electricity

Our technicians are well prepared to execute all the engineering, design, installation, pre-commissioning, assistance to start-up and maintenance of electrical systems in industrial complexes. Such as substations, transformer stations, power distribution in medium and low voltage, lighting, and telecommunications.



Procurement and installation of equipment

Construction and assistance to start up

Maintenance of industrial facilities